Dr. Irving Wladowsky Berger

IBM VP Technology and Innovation

"Globalization is without a doubt one of the most powerful forces driving business and society in these early years of the 21st century, and from all appearances it will remain a potent force for change for a long time to come. But globalization and its effects are all so new, profound and disruptive that we are still pondering how best to frame the issues surrounding it, so we can think about it and analyze its impact on our particular business or society, the better to address the momentous questions globalization poses for our future.

Is globalization just a matter of doing business around the world, outsourcing processes and jobs to lower-cost countries? Or is globalization a way of leveraging the best innovation from all around the world to the benefit of society as a whole? Will businesses find mostly threats in globalization or will they find new opportunities? What will creating more jobs and a strong middle class in developing countries like China, India, Brazil and Russia mean to the rest of the world and to global political stability? Will the standard of living in the more developed countries like the US, Germany and Japan necessarily decline as the standard of living rises in the developing countries? Perhaps most important, is the process of globalization so inexorable that, whether you like it or not, you had better learn about it and consider how best to accommodate its consequences.

For those of us who believe in the inevitability of globalization, no better primer on the subject exists than "Six Billion Minds". Mark Minevich has assembled articles by some of the worldÂ’s best thinkers on globalization and its consequences, not to give us the answers to the above questions - after all, no one knows precisely how things will eventually work out - but to stimulate our minds and help us to think more clearly and deeply about the issues. "Six Billion Minds" is a book that everyone affected by the forces of globalization should read and, more important, learn from."

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