Mark Minevich

Mark Minevich

Mark Minevich is an investor, UN advisor, AI advocate, innovator, chair of the executive committee and external affairs at AI for Good Foundation and president and general partner at Going Global Ventures. He dedicates innovation efforts to amplify capabilities and positively impact healthcare, engineering, financial, and environmental areas. Mark is an award-winning technology executive and has published two books and over 40 articles on AI, Industry 4.0, IoT.

Mark Minevich (The Hill)

The importance of agility and the ability to make real-time decisions no matter the scenario is paramount.

Mark Minevich (Tech Crunch)

When confronting the ethical dilemmas presented by crises like COVID-19, enterprises and organizations equipped with responsible AI programs will be best positioned to offer solutions that protect the most vulnerable and historically disenfranchised groups.

Mark Minevich (Forbes)

Now is the time for businesses across the U.S. to fully embrace the power of AI for good.

Mark Minevich (Observer)

Existing companies may cease to exist without A.I., and existing countries will no longer have a competitive role without A.I. skills and capabilities.

Mark Minevich (Entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be happy doing just a little bit better than yesterday. They need to think huge — as big as those who, decades before them, looked up into the night sky, saw a distant moon and thought: We’re going to walk on the moon, and we’re going to do it soon.

Mark Minevich (The Hill)

We are constantly asked, “When are things getting back to normal?” There is no going back. The world is different and forever will be. Countless studies across a wide range of disciplines show that things will not go back to normal. In contrast, we are expecting more uncertainty, more volatility, more disruption than ever.

Mark Minevich (Forbes)

 The 4th Industrial Revolution is fueled by exponential advancements in digital technology and brings us closer to a sustainable future of intelligent manufacturing environments that operate with zero emissions.

Mark Minevich (Observer)

The future is a train that waits for no one, and A.I. is the engine of the 21st century.

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