Mark Minevich

Mark's track record speaks for itself and he's always in demand. His unique experience and background in business strategy, technology, and innovation, his global orientation and expertise, and his exposure to working in the corporate, private, tech and investment sectors combine to make Mark an invaluable contributor.
He is the author of many books such as Six Billon Minds and The CTO Handbook: The Indispensable Technology Leadership Resource.

Brief profile:
  • Mark Minevich is Principal Founder of Going Global Ventures (GGV), a New York based global investment, technology and strategic advisory firm, with bench strength and insight into business strategies and best practices dedicated to leading high growth tech clients to success in the global knowledge economy. Mark was recently appointed as Venture Partner at GVA Capital Group. Mark is also a strategist and advisor to Global Emerging Markets (GEM) a $3.4B NYC-based alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles; he plays an integral role in fundraising.
  • Additionally, Mark is Senior Advisor of the Council of Competitiveness in Washington DC and a Senior Fellow of the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC); his role is to provide strategic advice and counsel to help guide the Council's policies at home and abroad. Mark is also on the Advisory Board of TriLinc Global, a US based private investment company dedicated to creating a global platform for impact investing through alternative investment funds. To keep up with exponential emerging technologies, Mark also serves as a Chief Strategist and Executive Board member of the multinational Comtrade Group.
  • Over the years, Mark's deep focus has been on cultivating a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex global challenges in the tech sector as a Vice Chairman, CTO/CIO and Chief Strategy Officer (and an Advisor) at several top flight companies including IBM, Sustainia/Monday Morning Global Institute (Denmark), Deutsche Bank, BTM Corporation, Qwest Communications, Comcast, and USWEB/CKS with a specific passion for driving innovation, creativity and sustainability both in the US and abroad.