Mark Minevich

Mark is a global change agent and better known as Global Mark because of his thought leadership on matters of globalization and innovation. Mark is a sought-after public speaker, international management expert, globally recognized technology visionary, leading analyst on globalization.
He is the author of many books such as Six Billon Minds and The CTO Handbook: The Indispensable Technology Leadership Resource.

Brief profile:
  • Mark is a Principal Founder of Going Global Ventures, New York based global investment and strategic advisory firm and, Advisor to Smart Cities, Impact Investing Funds, Family Offices and emerging technologies
  • Mark is a Vice Chair, External Affairs, Monday Morning Global Institute - a leading global Scandinavian think tank focused on resilient, innovative and sustainable societies and enterprises based in Copenhagen and New York.
  • Mark is an Advisor to GEM - Global Emerging Markets was founded in 1991. $3.4 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets across the world.The partners have a century of collective experience and as a group have invested in 305 companies across 65 countries. GEM's investment vehicles provide the group and its investors with a diversified portfolio of asset classes that span the global private investing spectrum.
  • Mark is a Member of Executive Board of Comtrade Group, Global Technology business on a global scale which was founded in Europe over 25 years ago. Today, Comtrade has grown to be one of the largest product technology engineering companies in Europe and the largest IT Organization in Southeast Europe. Comtrade specializes in innovative –high end products, services and solutions in gaming, application management, hospitality, storage, embedded, extended R&D and outsourced products and operates through 16 companies in 11 countries in Europe and North America.
  • Mark is Advisor of Parkview Ventures and Ohana Group technology family office, TriLinc Global, a private investment company dedicated to creating a global platform for impact investing through alternative investment funds.
  • Mark is an international sustainable development management expert and entrepreneur, cleantech and Green investing Industry advisor, globally recognized innovation technology visionary and strategist. His background includes 20 years experience in strategy and consulting for global technology markets. Mark is currently focuses on Sustainability Analytics, Green investing, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, energy management, efficiency and automation issues.
  • Served as a Chairman & Founder Billion of Minds Foundation from 2006 to 2010. Initiated Billion Minds Foundation, and over the years has been passionately committed to human potential in this ever-connected planet by fostering innovation, actively promoting the vision of sustainability and leveraging the vast global knowledge pool of Six Billion Minds entrepreneurs that make up the knowledge economy .
  • Served as a Founder and Partner of Global Billions Clubs. organized Global Billions Club- Private Wealth Business Club programs in Monaco, Bergen, Zurich, Washington DC, St.Petersburg, Amsterdam, London and New York, and assembled top philanthropists, industrialists, financiers, family holdings, investment groups/institutions and entrepreneurs around the world with combined net worth of billions of dollars.
  • Public sector
    • Advised the U.S. government on innovation as well as bilateral relationships with emerging economies such as Russia and Ukraine. Mark provides expert testimony to the committee of National Research Council, National Academy of Science and Dept of Defense intelligence on future scenarios, emerging markets, global risks, outsourcing and innovation.
    • Co-organized and hosted a foreign policy debate with world leaders, senators and members of Club of Madrid, key leaders of US Government and Administration.
    • Assisted with U.S. regional /state economic development consortiums.
  • Served as a Member of UN Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Committee and UN Digital Health Committee.
  • Served on the Advisory Boards of One Young World that will bring together and engage on pressing issues 1500 proven twenty-something young leaders of tomorrow from all corners of the globe, Chairman of TPT- The Performance Theatre, WorldBPOForum.
  • Acted as Strategic consulting advisor to Research Board and Gartner to its existing CxO community and its future sustainability/GreenIT initiative.
  • Served as IBM executive, CTO and senior strategist of the IBM Next Generation and Venture Capital Groups.
  • Served as an Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Chief Strategy Officer of BTM Corporation.
  • Served as innovation and strategy consultant advisor to Deutsche Bank Sr. Managing Directors in investment Banking and Asset Management.
  • Managed operational infrastructure, development methodology, and technical resources during his work at USWEB/CKS.
  • Held a number of technology and strategic management positions across global companies Comcast, Qwest communications, Geotek Communications, to name a few.
  • Mark is a recipient of the prestigious Albert Einstein Award for outstanding achievement and World Trade Leadership Award by World Trade Centers and WTCA.