Alex Sozonoff, Vice Chair, Peter Ustinov

Foundation and former World Wide Chief

Customer Officer, HP

"This is quite a piece of work. In my opinion this book is not only about globalization and outsourcing but represents an anthology of thoughts and reflections on the dramatic shifts in geopolitical, economic and social dynamics which we are seeing and experiencing today. Globalization means taking down artificial barriers erected since the beginning of mankind. Outsourcing is a rational workflow that takes processes to places and people across the traditional barriers.

This book will provide future political and business leaders with acumen to address the challenges and opportunities of tomorrowÂ’s societies and corporations. We can no longer afford to be lead by philistines driven by greed, incompetence and narrow mindedness. The young, new generations of managers who will take us forward into this century will be intellectually stimulated by the opinions, dialogues and visions throughout this book."

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